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Mentorship Stylised Environment Art for Games, JAN'22 GROUP MENTORSHIP, 8 WEEKS

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Dates; Every Wednesday 5:00pm GMT from Jan 12th 2022.

I am hoping to offer future groups at different times, and days of the week, to give everyone the chance to join in. Stay tuned or sign up to the waitlist to hear about new courses first;

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I'm Anya Elvidge. I am a freelance concept and environment artist for games based in the UK. I began my career at Creative Assembly on the Total War series before taking on some freelance work and joining Rare Ltd on Everwild. Since then, I have gone freelance full-time and work for clients such as Gameloft, Supercell, Amazon Games, and more, doing a mixture of 3D and 2D work. I have taught at multiple UK universities and online institutions, whilst also offering personal online mentorships more recently. I want these sessions to be a forum for you to ask questions and find guidance through the complex world of environment art.

See my work here;

Teaching video; 

This is my stylised 3D environment art mentorship, lasting 8 weeks from Wed 12th January 5:00pm GMT (09:00am PST) and limited to 10 seats. Each week I will run a 1-1.5 hour live session on Discord discussing the foundational elements of environment art and then afterwards stay for Q&A + feedback, and sometimes a longer on-topic demo or hangout depending on topic. After the mentorship concludes, the Discord remains for work updates which I will feedback where I can. If needed I can arrange 1-1 catch ups and group follow up sessions.

There will be suggested homework each week which is non-essential, and you will have the opportunity to suggest topics of interest.

I will not be covering software-specific techniques (though I may talk about some); I will be covering a more holistic approach to environment creation for games, from good foliage creation practises to colour theory, composition and shape design. This is independent of the softwares you may choose to make your work in.

The price includes entry to a private group Discord with session notes, recorded sessions, and a forum for weekly feedback/overpaints on your homework and projects. Overall I keep the sessions quite casual and am always open to questions and discussions.

Dates; Every Wednesday 5:00pm GMT from Jan 12th 2022.

The order and content will be tailored to the group, so suggestions are encouraged!

Skill level; Intermediate

What you need; Knowledge of 3D modelling programs such as Max, Maya, Blender. Texturing programs such as Photoshop, Substance, 3D Coat. Game engines such as UE4, Unity. I would encourage people to use UE4 as this is where my experience lies. Some experience making 3D environments or assets before is essential.

Please note I specialise in Max, 3D Coat, Photoshop, and UE4 but I do have experience in other softwares.

When you purchase the course you will receive a link to the private group Discord where all communication takes place.

For more info or questions, subject line 'GUMROADJAN22'
or contact me on Twitter;

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Join Anya's Environment Art Mentorship in January!

8 Live Sessions
Live Feedback and Support
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Private group Discord

Mentorship Stylised Environment Art for Games, JAN'22 GROUP MENTORSHIP, 8 WEEKS

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