Behind the Diorama; UE4 'Flooded Temple' Download by AnyaTheArtist

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This is the download of the full UE4 scene for my 'Flooded Temple' diorama. Take a look. I wanted this to be free, but there are file size restrictions on free stuff. So, it's £1 instead. Sorry. :(

See more images here;

Included in this download is the concept work for the scene, and the blockouts I used, in addition to all models, materials, particles and textures in a fully lit and assembled Unreal Engine map. I hope you learn something from it!

Please note I will be making a series of Youtube videos on this project and uploading them to my channel here;

I will be covering various topics including but not limited to concepting, inspiration, blocking out, colour, composition, lighting, texturing, etc.

Don't just wholesale steal my materials, I can guarantee they are not optimized at all. This download is for educational use only and I do not give permission for any of the assets included to be used commercially.

Disclaimer; I'm not a tech artist, and I don't do stuff the proper way, I just want things to look cool. Thanks. EVERYTHING IS SUPER MESSY!

  • Full UE4 scene as pictured.

  • Size
    1.4 GB
  • Full UE4 scene as pictured.
  • Size1.4 GB


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Behind the Diorama; UE4 'Flooded Temple' Download by AnyaTheArtist

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